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about[highlight] Nutricosmetics is based on achieving optimum results in aesthetic treatments. A whole system of evolution to feel 100% better. [/highlight][spacer]Welcome to 180 The Concept Nutricosmetics and a world in which the wear and tear of age and stress leave no trace. Choose to turn your life around with this simple daily beauty ritual. Now you really can lose weight, smooth wrinkles, firm up sagging skin, eliminate build-ups of fat, restore your peace of mind, concentration and vitality… Successfully achieve your goals.[spacer][highlight]THE ORIGIN[/highlight]Over the course of 25 years at her Advanced Aesthetic Centre, Gema Cabañero noted that some clients did not achieve such positive results through their beauty treatments as others. It was as if their bodies resisted change, and the treatments were not as successful. In her constant quest for the ultimate and most effective approach, she discovered Nutricosmetics: she had found the definitive solution, the key to success.[spacer][highlight]THE RESULTS[/highlight]Gema Cabañero created her own Nutricosmetics range: Three lines (H, E and Rv) of nutritional supplements which, in combination, offer a genuine solution to each problem. Beauty treatments which are effective for all clients and which go a step further: they resolve aesthetic issues with a simple daily habit, leaving you feeling so young, stylish, vital and attractive that you will want to continue with Nutricosmetics so as to look and feel better every day.[spacer][highlight]SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS[/highlight]The components of each formula have positive effects and properties for your body. Properly combined, the results are incredible.
H Line: H1 balances, H2 rebuilds, H3 energises, H4 regenerates, H5 protects, and H6 rejuvenates.
E Line: E1 balances your organism, E2 antioxidant, E3 calms, E4 strengthens, E5 purifies and E6 sculpts your body.
Línea RV: Rv1 enlivens, Rv2 stimulates, Rv3 pacifies, Rv4 delays ageing, Rv5 boosts and Rv6 nourishes the skin.[spacer][highlight]THE METHOD[/highlight]All you need to do is decide on a well-being, corporal or facial beauty goal which you will work towards simply by taking a few capsules. Three phases of inner renewal:

1.- Detox Plan (1 month): Balance + Regenerate + Protect
Cleanse and strengthen your body in just one month by eliminating fat and toxins. This is the foundation for restoring your youthful vitality and appearance with a simple daily beauty ritual.

2.- Achieve Objectives (3 or 6 months): Corporal, Facial or Well-being
The results are swift, visible and can be objectively measured. All it takes is sustained treatment. At long last the definitive solution to every problem is at hand, the key to success.

3.- Maintenance
Looking after yourself on the inside shows on the outside… The 
ageing process is ongoing, but now you can arrest it.  Simple to do, and having achieved success you can maintain the results and set new objectives.[spacer][highlight]CERTIFIED CENTRES[/highlight]180 The Concept Certified Centres are ready and waiting to perform customised diagnoses and resolve any queries.

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