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These formulas, which combine a carefully elaborated association of active ingredients and essential micronutrients, have been designed to treat, in a comprehensive solution, acne from the inside attacking the cause and origin of what’s provoking it. Only an integral, internal solution can offer true results to this aesthetic imperfection.

The nutricosmetic products of these formulations are made with a base of purifying algae, specifically Afa variety, considered one of the least well-known nutritional supplements. This variety has a large quantity of antioxidant agents, anti-inflammatories and also neuro-generating molecules. In addition to these properties, it features 14 vitamins including B-group vitamins of great importance to the proper functioning of the body at distinct levels.

These nutricosmetic formulas contain at least 20 amino acids, all of them essential to the human body and in the same proportion in which they are found naturally occurring. Its effects are large and long-lasting.

The association of amino acids in these formulas stimulate the freeing of stem cells from bone marrow while promoting their transport to the tissues that need repair, meaning they act directly in the regeneration of scars caused by acne.

At the same time, the amino acids present in the nutricosmetic products regulate the metabolism of fat to lessen the level of arachidonic acid which allows the visible and effective reduction of inflammation caused by acne.

These active ingredients act together with prebiotics that regenerate intestinal flora and include L-Glutamine, improving the functioning of the natural processes of scarring carried out by the body and stimulated through the micronutrients and active ingredients that formula E5 contains. Its high content in zinc, a powerful regulator of excess tallow, improves acne while effectively acting to fight some inflammatory illnesses of the intestine.

To properly take advantage of all of the benefits provided by the distinct components of the formulas, the body needs to be in correct balance and that’s precisely what these nutricosmetic products aim to do. The entire absorption process of these micronutrients is found in the intestine, for that reason it is recommended to regularly consume prebiotics and follow a varied, balanced, healthy diet.

The active ingredients and micronutrients of these 3 nutricosmetic formulas collaborate to offer a complete solution to the aesthetic imperfections brought on by acne, acting on its origin and achieving true results, eliminating acne in an effective way. The synergy created between them permits a detoxification allowing the best absorption of the rest of the supplements of these nutricosmetic products.

Aesthetic benefits of these 3 nutricosmetic products:

  • Regeneration of scars caused by acne
  • Regulation of the metabolism of fats
  • Renewal of intestinal flora and improved capacity for absorption
  • Purification of the body
  • Effective treatment of acne
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