The Miracle of Nutricosmetics

- 10 06 21

A personal feeling, a different look, an optimistic mood … This is the result after six months with nutricosmetics! I was feeling down, I didn’t feel like doing anything; my body was not responding, it was hard for me to get ahead. I looked haggard and little by little I was wasting away.

But, from the month of October, things began to change. One day I went to the Silvia Giralt Advanced Aesthetic Center to buy a cream.

At the door Silvia greeted me and said: ‘Come into my office and I will give you a skin diagnosis’, as she had done to me many times. She saw me after a long time and I explained to her, confidently, what was happening to me and she replied: “Everything can change, your life can take a turn in a short time” It was only about a month or two that I was taking the nutricosmetics and everything was changing in myself. I felt different myself, my day to day became easier and more agile. My appearance was also different, I looked more alive, more enlightened, more relaxed, more, more…. With little time it seems that years have been removed from me. Silvia, Thanks for your good advice! Esther.