• Enhances hair and nail growth.
  • Improved blood supply to the scalp.
  • Strengthens hair and nails.
  • Revitalizing effect.

This nutricosmetic plan provides the necessary nutrients to strengthen and enhance the growth of hair and nails. Hair loss, its density, and health are something that especially affects men and women with android morphology. This Plan has been specially designed for these people in order to treat the causes that originate weakened hair and nails.

It is widely assumed that hair loss mainly affects men, but it is not exclusive to their gender. In this plan, we have thought about them and those whose morphology responds to the android type. We can identify it by a greater accumulation of fat in the thorax and abdomen area and in some cases in the facial area.

What active principles and ingredients help us to strengthen hair and nails?

L-Arginine, Choline Bitartrate, Damiana, Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba have been included to protect the cardiovascular function and promote blood flow to the hair follicle, thus promoting hair and nails nutrition, stimulating their growth and increasing collagen production. Together with Ferrous Sulfate, they provide the necessary oxygen to the scalp.

Two ingredients are particularly important: MSM, which intervenes in the formation of amino acids, collagen and keratin, which strengthen the hair, participating in the formation of new hair and preventing hair loss; and Bamboo Leaves and Stems, which provide the body with vitamins, proteins and acids that stimulate the synthesis of collagen.

Silicon stimulates collagen synthesis and provides nutrition, hydration, shine and strength to the hair. Calcium Citrate contains the necessary amount of calcium for the good maintenance of hair and nails. Stimulates collagen synthesis and its benefits are enhanced when combined with Vitamin D.

Zinc Citrate keeps active the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles in charge of lubricating the follicle. Selenium-enriched yeast provides the necessary nutrients for optimal growth, prevents excessive oiliness and maintains the metabolic balance of hair and nails. In addition, Magnesium Oxide intervenes in the supply of nutrients to the scalp. Other minerals such as Chromium Picolinate, prevents glycation, while Copper and Manganese enhance and maintain hair pigmentation.

A group of vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B9 promotes nutrition and growth of hair and nails, stimulating the creation of keratin and strengthening the scalp. We do not forget such important antioxidants as Vitamins A, E and C. Finally, Tribulus Terrestris balances Testosterone levels, which is closely linked to hair loss, and Damiana, which is invigorating and balancing.

The combination of formulas is illustrative and will be subject to the diagnosis and professional prescription of your certified center.

1. Is it more targeted for men than women?

This is an effective plan for both men and women, in the case of women, we suggest opting for the other plan since it incorporates ingredients to regulate certain female hormonal processes. This one focuses more on generic causes that affect both men and women so it is effective for both.
2. Can I start using this plan before a hair graft?

Of course, it will help the anchorage of the grafted hair and its health.
3. From what age can I take it?
Around the age of 30, when hair loss is more evident, it is highly recommended, but in some cases, we recommend starting it earlier for prevention.

L- arginina. Ácido ascórbico. D-alfa-tocoferol.

Envoltura: gelatina.

Sin lactosa / Sin gluten.


Metilsulfonil metano. Hojas y tallos de Bambusavulgaris (85% Silicio). Zinc. Selenio. Calcio. Manganeso. Cobre. Hierro. Ioduro potásico. Selenio. Magnesio. Picolinato de cromo. Ácido ascórbico. Vitamina D, Tocoferol. Vitamina K1. Tiamina. Riboflavina. Nicotinamida. Ácido pantoténico. Piridoxina. Biotina. Ácido fólico. Cobalamina. Inositol. Colina Bitartrato.

Envoltura: gelatina.

Sin lactosa / Sin gluten.



Tríbulusterrestris L. Turneradiffusa Wild. Panax ginseng. Ginkgo biloba L. Ácido ascórbico.

Envoltura: gelatina.

Sin lactosa / Sin gluten.

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