Why should you become a certified center?

  • 1. Because it enhances and complements beauty treatments.
  • 2. Because it increases the profitability of treatments.
  • 3. Because you will receive advice and continuous training.
  • 4. Because you will have an exclusive diagnosis.
  • 5. Because the system is developed, it works and you only have to follow it.
  • 6. Because our products have the maximum security.
  • 7. Because the brand has recognized leverage in the market.
  • 8. Because society demands nutricosmetic treatments.
  • 9. Because it is a growing business.
  • 10. Because 180 the concept has proven its results.

To obtain more information about what you will get for becoming a certified center and how to become one fill this form, we will return a call to you!

the basis of our success
Let us guide you:
  • We fully train our Certified Centers with permanent seminars on aging and the causes that accelerate it, to learn how to identify the internal and external factors that influence the appearance of your clients.
  • You will get the keys to make a comprehensive diagnosis and advise, with concrete data, on the best nutricosmetic treatment.
  • We take you by your hand to help you make the first diagnosis.
  • Our professionals will always be at your side, giving you continuous support for any need.
  • With our training system, you will learn all the benefits of nutricosmetics, you will acquire the necessary knowledge to combine ingredients and achieve the best beauty results for your clients.
  • You will know the effects that nutricosmetics have on the skin and the organism. You will identify the advantages and the correct dosage of nutricosmetics, as well as their current legislation.

Our method will be at your disposal providing you with the necessary tools to achieve your goals.


In 2018, its h6 formula was awarded Best Nutricosmetic Product in the awards granted in Cosmo Beauty by Vida estética magazine. They represent a recognition of a job well done, rewarding the avant-garde character, quality and the research and investment of its laboratories in R&altD;.


In 2019, it has received the outstanding Beauty Victory Award thanks to its Detox Plan, an award based on consumer recognition, as a product with this distinction has been tested and approved by a sample of more than 60 consumers through blind test and under the control of a sensory analysis laboratory, which ensures complete impartiality in the evaluation.

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