Concentration and Memory for Men


Generally we associate the loss of memory with age but this premise isn’t in line with reality. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to our capacity to memorize, among them, concentration. Stress, for example, is one of the factors that most affects our capacity to memorize. If we find ourselves especially active, we don’t properly concentrate and, in addition, we don’t retain any information we receive. Clearly, age can be a key factor and we expect that with the passing of time our capacities in this respect will be depleted. Nevertheless, there are ways to avoid memory loss and improve concentration. The most effective and important one:  nutrition. These nutricosmetic formulas have been created to achieve both objectives, specifically attending to the particular needs of a man.

To achieve an improvement in concentration capability and also a better memory, the body needs to be energetically balanced. When it’s not in balance, one of the main symptoms that can appear is the feeling of decline and weakness. These nutricosmetic formulas have been made with the vegetable extract of a wild plant that only grows in the Andes (in Peru) at an altitude of 4.500 meters. Although the indigenous populations have known about it for centuries, maca is relatively new to the western world as a nutritional supplement, but it’s rapidly gaining popularity due to its hidden properties. Maca is an adaptogen, which helps our body to adapt to stressful situations, increasing the body’s capacity to defend itself against physical and mental weakness.

It regulates and improves the function of the endocrine system, the glands that produce the necessary hormones to carry out the bodily and essential metabolic functions like fertility, sexual performance, digestion, the brain and physiology of the nervous system, and energy levels. Hormones regulate many things, including mood, growth, sexual development and tissue function. They provide support to adrenal glands, maintaining the general state of health in the body in stressful situations. They have an analgesic effect thanks to terpenoids and saponins, promote deeper sleep, improve memory and brain function, and slow down the ageing process. Tyrosine, an amino acid that controls the proper functioning of neurotransmitters like noradrenaline or dopamine, is also present in these formulas. Amongst its effects, we find an improved state of being; optimization of hormone levels in the thyroid, which allows for weight control and loss when that’s an objective; balance of the nervous system and an antioxidant effect.

The formulas feature Omega 3 fatty acids. These, along with other factors, influence a number of bodily functions, like the capacity for concentration. Nevertheless, they also exercise other powerful effects that are worth mentioning, for example, the reduction of stress, a factor that has a big influence on our ability to concentrate.

Aesthetic and wellness benefits of these 3 nutricosmetic products:

  • Increased concentration
  • Reduction of body fat
  • Reduction of inflammatory processes
  • Improved states of being
  • Lessening of stress
  • Deep nutrition
  • Revitalizing effect
  • Improved energy
  • Improved circulation
  • Prevention of osteoporosis
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