Facial Flaccidity


With the passing of time our body continues ageing and we should support it by providing the micronutrients necessary to slow down this process. One consequence of the passing years is the appearance of aesthetic imperfections:  a reduction in the firmness of supporting tissue and this is visibly apparent through the loss of skin tone and sagginess. These 3 nutricosmetic formulas feature a carefully elaborated combination of micronutrients that restores firmness and natural radiance to the skin.

One of the key active ingredients is Ester C, an essential complex in the production of collagen which, at the same time, is a protein compound found in bone tissue as well as conjunctive or cartilaginous tissue. It can be credited, amongst other things, with providing flexibility to the skin but also gives it mechanical resistance and firmness.

These nutricosmetic products provide collagen, which is a protein present in the human body that forms a structural part of conjunctive tissue. This structure envelops and protects muscles and vital organs, and is essential for the health of bones, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and skin, blood vessels, the cornea, gums and scalp. Like all proteins, collagen is made up of large chains of amino acids, in particular, proline and hydroxyproline. In this case, the chains coil up and interlace between themselves making triple helices of collagen, fibers, which guarantee the resistance and flexibility of tissue. The body has the capacity to make its own collagen, but with the passing of time, the production of this protein lessens:  at 30, we make half as much as in adolescence. For women, this loss increases after menopause, as collagen is intimately related to estrogen.

Additionally it is reinforced by the presence, in the formulas, of hyaluronic acid (HA), which hydrates the skin from the inside out, in the process of smoothing wrinkles. HA acts like an internal cosmetic to hydrate the skin.

Other effects of the active ingredients of the 3 formulas are the breaking down of excess fat in the abdomen, the improvement of cellulitis and the firming of tissue in the glutes and breasts. Hyaluronic acid and collagen are both vital to the proper functioning of certain processes of the body that directly influence the state of the skin, especially when the passing of years has deteriorated the capacity for cooperation between the body and these nutrients and the skin starts to show signs of suffering.

Aesthetic benefits of these 3 nutricosmetic products:

  • Stimulation of the production of collagen, Improvement of cartilaginous tissue, bones and skin, Reduction in fat deposits, Strengthening of muscle mass, Tissue renewal, Blockage of flaking, Reduction of excess fat in the abdomen, Firming of glutes and breasts, Reduction of cellulitis
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