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Why do I need to take 180 the concept nutricosmetics?
Because as we age we stop producing certain substances such as collagen and elastin that cause our skin to age. In addition, today's foods are not as nutritious as they used to be and the lifestyle and pace of life influence the way and speed at which we age. 180 the concept is designed to detect and compensate for all these factors, for slower and more graceful aging.
What amounts of nutrients does a person need daily?
The recommended amounts of nutrients that people should consume vary according to age and sex and are known as recommended daily allowances (RDA) or reference intakes (RI). Officially in the European Union, the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals are currently represented by nutrient reference values (NRVs), which are different for each of them. According to Spanish legislation, for a nutrient to be declared on food labeling, it must be present in a significant amount. As a general rule, to decide what constitutes a significant amount is considered 15% of the recommended amount specified and supplied per 100 grams or 100 ml or per package if it contains a single serving.
If I eat a balanced diet, do I also need nutricosmetics?
Even with a healthy diet, it is possible to lack important vitamins and minerals, especially those that are not stored by the body. This is because the quality of food can be impaired by certain production and processing systems, affecting its nutritional content, and on the other hand, factors such as lifestyle are also influencing our nutritional status. Therefore, food supplements can supply these extra needs.
Can a food supplement replace a diet?
Food supplements cannot replace a balanced diet. It is important to remember that a varied diet is essential to achieve good nutritional status, although supplements can help to optimize it.
Is it necessary to take breaks?
Bearing in mind that food supplements are not substitutes for diet, it is important to supplement intelligently and on a regular basis in order to obtain the best results. Depending on the supplement and what it is taken for, it will not be necessary to take breaks. However, other supplements should be taken for a specific period of time. We recommend that the regimen be guided by a beauty professional.

Who is it for?

Who can use 180 the concept?
180 The Concept is recommended for all adults who wish to improve their appearance and well-being in a natural, healthy and balanced way.
Can I have a treatment if I am pregnant?
It is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
Are the solutions indicated for men or women?
All 180 The Concept solutions are equally effective for men and women.
At what age can I start treatment?
Treatment can be started from the onset of the first symptoms, in adolescence.
Can I sunbathe while doing the treatment?
Yes, there is no problem, but you must do it with the appropriate sun protection.
What happens if I forget to take a capsule?
It is not advisable to stop the treatment 4 days in a row, because this would reduce the effect and the expected result.


How long will it take to see the results?
The results are evident after 3 months of treatment, although in many cases the benefits of the product are noticeable after the first month.
How long do the results last?
The maintenance of the results will depend on external factors and the quality of life of the person, being necessary to follow a maintenance treatment to maintain the results.

The formulas

How should I take the capsules?
They should be taken on an empty stomach with a glass of water. Then take food to promote the absorption of the active ingredients.
Where are they manufactured?
They are manufactured in Spain, our laboratory located in Madrid, for the manufacture of the 180 the concept products, complies with the quality and food safety standards guaranteeing the traceability of the products and processes. Our laboratory is GMP-Codex GMP certified.
Can these formulas be fattening?
No, they are supplements that contain neither fats nor carbohydrates, so they are not fattening.
What kind of ingredients are used?
We use vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, amino acids and botanical extracts of the highest quality. To ensure efficacy in product development, we take into account synergies, combining ingredients to enhance their nutrients and increase results.

Instructions for use

How to start the treatment?
It is always advisable to start with a Detox Plan that cleanses and prepares the organism to obtain maximum results. From there, the certified professional of the center will select the formulas or the Plan that best suits your objectives.
How long do I have to take it for?
Depending on the objectives to be achieved and your lifestyle, the treatment time will vary. Normally we talk about a minimum of 6 months of treatment to see optimal results, since nutricosmetics, acting from within, need a response time.
How should I take the capsules?
They are taken on an empty stomach with a glass of water. Then take food to promote the absorption of the active ingredients.
How many capsules should I take per day?
The dosage may vary depending on the objectives and the specific product.
Are they compatible with other external treatments such as cosmetic or aesthetic treatments?
Of course they are, and also if they are combined with external treatments their effectiveness is greater, since they increase the results of these.
Can I do this Plan more than once?
Yes, it can be repeated until the problem subsides.

180 the concept

Why choose 180 the concept?
Because all its formulas are designed to work in synergy and can be combined in a totally personalized way according to the needs of each person.
What is 180 the concept based on?
It is based on years of study of the theories and factors of aging and its relationship with beauty, to find the origin of the aesthetic alterations and thus offer the most complete and effective solutions to each problem. To this end, it has created three lines: body, facial and wellness.
How are the products formulated?
180 the concept has its own R+D+i team, made up of technical specialists in the areas of development of natural beauty care products, headed by the beauty and nutrition expert, Gema Cabañero. In the development process of our products, the R+D&I team evaluates, first of all, the efficacy and safety of the proposed formula. The products developed in R+D&I contemplate the latest innovations in active ingredients, with innovative formulas always backed by efficacy studies that ensure natural products with effective and guaranteed physiological properties.

Sanitary guarantees

What guarantees and certifications does 180 the concept have?
All 180 The Concept products have a sanitary registration number and have been authorized for marketing in the European Union after passing an exhaustive analysis by the competent bodies. The ingredients used in the elaboration of these food supplements have been chosen according to the highest quality criteria and by selecting the best suppliers on the market. In the selection of plants, dry extracts with the highest ratios are used, to provide a higher percentage of active ingredients and thus achieve a greater nutritional or physiological effect. 180 The Concept has not used in the manufacture of these products neither colorants nor preservatives.
What do these certifications that 180 the concept holds guarantee?
For the manufacture of 180 The concept products, our laboratory complies with quality and food safety standards, guaranteeing the traceability of products and processes. Our laboratory has the GMP-Codex good manufacturing practices certification. With this certification, we take a step further on the road to offer the highest quality in all production processes and ensure that the product meets the highest standards.


Do you have any 180 the concept awards?
This line has received numerous media hits and decorations such as the Best Nutricosmetic Product Award 2018 with Cosmobeauty Barcelona granted by the prestigious magazine Vida estética and the Victoria de la Belleza Award in 2019. A prize whose award is granted by the consumers themselves who after a "blind test" qualify the products exclusively based on their intrinsic properties without being conditioned by the brand or packaging. Both awards represent a highly valued certificate of quality.
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