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Antioxidants • Detoxifiers • Purifiers • Depurators Detoxification is a process by which, in a natural and continuous way, our body is able to eliminate toxins. Every day we are exposed to toxins that get stored in our body and … Continue reading Detox
Cellulitis and Orange Peel Skin
Cellulitis is a condition of the subcutaneous tissue which affects a great number of women all over the world, from young women to others who are more mature. Its appearance depends on many factors but some like genetics, nutrition or … Continue reading Cellulitis and Orange Peel Skin
Flat Stomach
There are many factors that can lead to the swelling of the belly but the most common reason can be found in the origin of this condition, in the digestive tract. Not all people are the same, and for that … Continue reading Flat Stomach
Breast Firming
When one gains weight and later loses it, it doesn’t matter if this is gradual or if it occurs rapidly, the skin suffers a series of changes. When we gain or lose weight in a gradual and controlled manner, the … Continue reading Breast Firming
Sun: Prepare, Repair, Prolongate
Achieve a beautiful bronze color and, furthermore, one that’s long-lasting, this is the objective of many people each year. One can’t deny the power the sun has to leave skin much more beautiful and glowing. Nevertheless, an important factor to … Continue reading Sun: Prepare, Repair, Prolongate
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