Flat Stomach


There are many factors that can lead to the swelling of the belly but the most common reason can be found in the origin of this condition, in the digestive tract. Not all people are the same, and for that reason although some people may not be affected by certain things, others may experience gas or bloating. This is not a health problem but is an undesirable aesthetic condition and, further, lessens our feelings of well-being. The nutricosmetic formulas of this treatment E3 + H4 + H5 have been designed to act against the origin of bloating, reducing it in while laying the foundation to avoid this bothersome situation.

One of the direct effects of the components of these nutricosmetic formulas is the maintenance of a balanced level of energy which fights off recurrent bloating. These nutricosmetic products are, furthermore, rich in prebiotics which renew intestinal flora, a decisive factor in the appearance of bloating.

Prebiotics act to improve intestinal health, responsible for the digestion of nutrients and also for sheltering a good portion of the body’s defenses. Inulin, present in this nutricosmetic treatment is a great ally for achieving a flat belly. The properties and benefits of this prebiotic vegetable fiber are numerous, for example its boosting of healthy intestinal flora and the regulation of intestinal movements in a completely natural way, helping you stop feeling bloated.

Its principal action is concentrated in the intestine, specifically in the colon as it’s already there, where one of the main functions takes place:  its prebiotic effect. This fiber, which arrives unaltered to the intestine (without having been pre-directed), is capable of regulating the development of intestinal flora, stimulating the growth of good bacteria, especially bifidobacterium.

The consequence is a strengthening of the immune system and an obvious improvement in intestinal movement, meaning the proper elimination of waste and harmful substances from the body. When the functioning of the intestine is altered, one of the direct and more common consequences is abdominal bloating for which, the recovering of balance in the intestinal flora is the first step in achieving a flat stomach. It also contributes a high content of magnesium, which encourages a flat belly as it stimulates the movement of waste out of the intestine.

Other effects produced by the combination of active ingredients in these nutricosmetic formulas include the elimination of stored fat, especially around the abdomen, helping to shape the figure; and the preparation of the intestine to help it absorb 100% of the nutrients that are ingested through the diet. The result of the combination of all of the active ingredients of these formulas is a flat stomach and an intestine in optimal health capable of properly absorbing all nutrients.

Aesthetic benefits of these 3 nutricosmetic products:

  • Reduction in swelling
  • Improvement of digestive processes
  • Improvement in state of intestinal health
  • Increase in defenses in zone
  • Energetic equilibrium
  • Flat belly
  • Better capacity for absorbing nutrients
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