Essentials E1 – Omega 3

arrugasThe high content of Omega-3 fatty acids present in the E1 formula is indispensable for our health, due to increased energy levels, improved mental well-being and growth in concentration capabilities. In addition, it also enhances immune system health, boosts skin brightness and reduces the severity of chronic skin illnesses like eczema.

Amongst other characteristics, the E1 Omega-3 formula stabilizes blood sugar levels, produces and maintains healthy serotonin levels, and reduces inflammation of all organ systems; it provides the necessary nutrients to control appetite by ending the ups and downs of unhealthy carbohydrates consumption, resulting in the loss of body fat. The quantities necessary will depend on each individual case, as our system cannot make this on its own.

Eventually we should try to integrate coldwater fish or seafood, olive oil and walnuts into our diet to reach the recommended intake. Nowadays, as it isn’t always easy to follow these indications, we can supplement our nutritional deficiencies in these essential fatty acids with the nutricosmetic formula E1 Omega-3.


Fish oil, EPA, DHA.

This product has been subjected to the strictest quality controls, which guarantees it is free of heavy metals and its essential properties have been conserved. It comes from anchovies, sardines, and herring.

  • Form: 300 softgel capsules
  • Health Registration Number: NUT_AS 3486/10

Used with other 180 the concept nutricosmetic formulas it resolves:

    • FACIAL
      • Under Eye Bags and Puffiness
      • Double Chin
      • Dry or Dehydrated Skin
      • Sensitive, Reactive, Irritated Skin, Rosacea
    • BODY
      • Weight Management or Weight Loss
      • Circulation and Fluid Retention
      • Stretch Marks
      • Dry and Peeling Skin
      • Concentration and Memory (Women)
      • Concentration and Memory (Men)
      • Vitality, Energy
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