Essentials E2- Antioxidant

arrugasThe E2 formula possesses a powerful antioxidant considered “universal”. As for its ingredients, we can find them in spinach, broccoli, meat and yeast. It is very popular in weight-loss and rejuvenation programs, as it is able to trap free radicals at the source. The creation of free radicals is caused by stress, pollution, tobacco, processed foods and drugs.

The E2 formula protects the nervous system and acts like a coenzyme in glycolysis, converting blood sugar into energy, making it key in the production of energy in muscles.

The presence of vitamin C makes it essential for the development and maintenance of the body. It is ideal in the protection of connective tissue and improves the absorption of other vitamins and minerals. People who eat a diet rich in vitamin C have a longer life expectancy and a decreased incidence of chronic illness.

The E2 formula is able to regenerate vitamin C and vitamin E from their oxidative forms, leading to a reducing of dry eyes, and encouraging skin elasticity while also smoothing skin. In the fight against wrinkles, it prevents premature ageing. In addition, it increases the production of energy, combats fatigue and reduces fat buildup in the body. The results are perfect for athletes’ diet plans.


Alpha-lipoic acid, Vitamin C

  • Form: 30 cápsulas
  • Health Registration Number: NUT_AS 3486/11

Combined it is effective for:

    • FACIAL
      • Skin Spots or Discoloration
      • Weight Management or Weight Loss
      • Sun care:  Prepare, Repair, Prolong
      • Vitality, Energy
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