Essentials E3 – Calming

arrugasThe E3 formula plays a very important role in the production and transportation of energy, thanks to the magnesium citrate; a mineral that completes diverse metabolic functions and acts as a natural tranquilizer, in maintaining the energetic balance of neurons and neurotransmission.

Magnesium is highly recommended in anti-stress and antidepressants treatments. The E3 formula supports the nervous system’s perfect health and is very useful in muscle relaxation, also decreasing premenstrual pain and encouraging sleep and rest. In addition, this formula provides the necessary nutrients for the prevention of kidney stones, the promotion of healthy intestinal flora and fixing calcium levels in bones and teeth. This is very important once we reach a certain age.

Its components can be found in fresh vegetables, including green leafy ones, in some fruits like peaches or plums, but also in many types of nuts and in soy. People deficient in this type of mineral are usually agitated or disoriented, and should consider the option of introducing this nutricosmetic in their diet.


Magnesium Citrate

  • Form: 90 capsules
  • Health Registration Number: 26.10.201/L0

Combined it is effective for:

    • BODY

      • Flat Stomach


      • Well-being, Calm (Women)
      • Rest/Collagen Repair

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