Healing H2 – Rebuild

arrugasThe H2 formula is made with a plant that only grows in the Andes (Peru) at an altitude of 4.500 meters. In the time of the Incas, this plant was used to implement the elite warriors’ diet because as it had revitalizing, energizing and anti-stress substances, acted as a nutrient, gave excellent results in providing them with more energy, strength and vitality.

Its nutritional value has been recognized by NASA and the FAO, and is used in their nutritional programs. Its numerous benefits make it an ideal supplement for many people since, acting as a restorative, it increases vitality and vigor in men as well as women, counteracting the effects of loss of sex drive.

It also reduces hot flashes, the sensation of apathy, and is perfect for fighting physical and mental tiredness, meaning it can be taken by athletes or even students.


Maca, Arginine, Vitamin C

  • Form: 90 capsules
  • Health Registration Number: NUT_PL 3486/13

Combined it is effective for:

      • Well-being, Calm (Men)
      • Concentration and Memory (Men)
      • Vitality, Energy
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