Revitalising Rv1 – Enliven

arrugasThe RV1 formula has been specifically designed for the skin. Its high concentration in Arginine encourages the growth of collagen and muscle mass, diminishing fat deposits on the body, resulting in a notable improvement of the dermis. Arginine plays a prominent role in cellular division, the healing of wounds, immunity to illnesses and the secretion of really important hormones, like the growth hormone (to which anti-ageing properties can be attributed).

In the skin and in connective tissue there is a high concentration of Arginine, and its presence is fundamental to help eliminate ammonia from the body as a part of the urea cycle. Just as with skin, the scalp needs specific care. Arginine as a precursor to nitric oxide, opens potassium channels, improving blood flow to hair follicles and stimulating hair growth, a process which also relaxes blood cells and as a result improves spider veins.

The extra Vitamins in RV1 protect cells from the effects of free radicals, and is ideal to build good-naturedness and a positive attitude.


L-Arginine, Vitamin C, E

  • Form: 60 capsules
  • Health Registration Number: NUT 3486/4

Combined it is effective for:

      • Facial Flaccidity
    • BODY
      • Circulation and Fluid Retention
      • Hair and Nails
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