Revitalising Rv6 – Nourish Your Skin

arrugasThe RV6 formula is excellent in anti ageing effects, due to its strong regeneration of collagen fibers of tissue, skin and cartilage. Its high concentration of collagen and hyaluronic acid contributes to turgidity and hydration of the skin, and hyaluronic acid is also a completely natural component that has the task of preserving the water levels of our skin. Furthermore, it reduces wrinkles of the face, thickens skin and smoothes fine lines.

On the other hand, hyaluronic acid improves the immune and lymphatic systems, encouraging a higher elimination of toxins. The RV6 formula acts as a powerful antioxidant and has as a guarded secret the improvement of skin elasticity, resulting in radiant skin.

This nutritional supplement contributes necessary nutrients to regenerate skin from all over the body and, thanks to its great power of hydration, prevents peeling. On the other hand, it reduces excess fat from the abdomen, diminishes cellulite and promotes breast and gluteus firmness.


Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Chondroitin Sulfate

  • Presentación: 30 capsules
  • Health Registration Number: NUT_AS 3486/7

Combined it is effective for:

    • FACIAL
      • Wrinkles
      • The Effects of Ageing
      • Facial Flaccidity
      • Under Eye Bags and Puffiness
      • Dry or dehydrated Skin
      • Sensitive, Reactive, Irritated Skin, Rosacea
    • BODY
      • Cellulite
      • Body Flaccidity
      • Stretch Marks
      • Breast Firmness
      • Dry or Peeling Skin
      • Rest/Repair of Collagen
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