Nutricosmetics, the definitive breakthrough

I have been a beauty professional for more than 25 years. My Antiaging Clinic has the latest in equipment and cosmetics, but nutricosmetics has been the definitive breakthrough. It is the element that completes the treatments and overcomes any resistance of the body to achieve spectacular results.

My clients trust my method and new approach to understanding beauty, now in conjunction with 180 The Concept products. A seeing the results by themselves have been the best advertisement for my Antiaging Clinic, since they presume to friends and acquaintances that they have discovered the ultimate in beauty, health and wellness.

The Miracle of Nutricosmetics

A personal feeling, a different look, an optimistic mood … This is the result after six months with nutricosmetics! I was feeling down, I didn’t feel like doing anything; my body was not responding, it was hard for me to get ahead. I looked haggard and little by little I was wasting away.

But, from the month of October, things began to change. One day I went to the Silvia Giralt Advanced Aesthetic Center to buy a cream.

At the door Silvia greeted me and said: ‘Come into my office and I will give you a skin diagnosis’, as she had done to me many times. She saw me after a long time and I explained to her, confidently, what was happening to me and she replied: “Everything can change, your life can take a turn in a short time” It was only about a month or two that I was taking the nutricosmetics and everything was changing in myself. I felt different myself, my day to day became easier and more agile. My appearance was also different, I looked more alive, more enlightened, more relaxed, more, more…. With little time it seems that years have been removed from me. Silvia, Thanks for your good advice! Esther.


In Estética Victoria we have been working for 5 years with the exclusive Nutricosmetic method of 180 The Concept.

We treat all our clients and patients from the inside to look for the origin of the aesthetic alteration and guarantee excellent results in our facial and body treatments.

I am in love with the 180 the concept diagnostic method, with the excellent quality of all its products, apart from the rapid effect that is achieved with a correct prescription of the formulas and the constancy of intake at home.

Absolutely all clients notice an improvement in their skin, silhouette, immune system and mood.

It is a comprehensive treatment for the person to feel good on the inside and that is undoubtedly reflected on the outside, the beauty radiates on the face.

At Estética Victoria we have notably improved the results of our treatments thanks to 180 the concept, we provide solutions to numerous skin alterations, re-educate nutrition, improve sleep and stress, reshape the most difficult silhouettes and above all balance emotions.

What more can I say?

A 180 degree change in my life and that of my clients, eager to continue learning and improving the method to be able to help many more people.

Simply thanks to the entire 180 the concept team for your unconditional help and support.

Carmen Lomana

With the nutricosmetics 180 The Concept you improve the luminosity of the skin, delay aging, strengthen hair and nails, it is a fundamental plus. It is very good from time to time to take a few months of vitamin treatment.


Sincerely, one of the best decisions of my life. Starting 180 The Concept changed my life and I say that because it really did. I went from being an insecure person, afraid to talk, and getting colored with a simple hello, to dare with everything and think the positive of everything, sleep all night and wake up rested, (a few months ago I thought that nobody could do that). Apart from the fact that from the first month after starting the treatment, everyone tells me how beautiful I am, what you did to yourself or how well I look at you, these are things that I hear every day. This definitely sums up why I will never stop taking it.


We have only been working with nutricosmetics 180 the concept for a month and we have already seen significant progress in some diagnoses. To be able to work hand by hand to get more results is our objective.


180 The Concept has helped me a lot in obtaining better results in the treatments, the power of helping us from within by providing the nutrients that best suit each person is another dimension, both in the speed of results as well in the wellness of our clients.

Right now I am unable to imagine working without enhancing salon treatments with 180 The Concept. The open days are a success, with Gema we always learn things and clients accept them much better than the open doors of cosmetic firms, they understand that it is a personalization and beneficial prescription for them


In the last quarter I have worked with a case of acne, after using one of our young clients an endless number of treatments, with 180 The concept her discomfort has completely subsided and the treatment has been really satisfying. This has given me absolute safety in the product, which not only works in anti-aging and wellness treatments, but also works in many more types of clients with different needs, I am really happy to be a Certified Center.



I have been working with 180 the concept nutricosmetics for a few months and our clients are really happy. They started with a cleansing treatment (Detox) and all stated that they had noticed changes from the first moment. Now they are continuing with different treatments depending on their needs and to this day they are all responding very well to it. It really works.


One year with the treatment, something totally implanted in my life, when Vero told me wonders about 180 it seemed like a miracle, he spoke of balance, well-being, tranquility, willpower, of improving my appearance in general, I listened to everything I wanted . Now I can say that my life changed for the better without a doubt in all the aspects that she told me, objectives achieved, not only me, but also my daughter, with a significant problem of hyperactivity, and as one step at a time, she calms down, she knows how to listen, You can talk to her, she attends the school, undoubtedly a challenge achieved as well. So I can say that not me but my family will always be grateful. My face reflects what she lost years ago, my vitality is the same again, my legs go back to wearing a skirt … thank you.


Absolutely all our clients notice improvement since they use the Nutricosmetics 180 the Concept product, we have two clients who are doctors, they are also using it, they were interested in this specific product because of the effectiveness of the active principle and because it is a totally natural product. . Our clients are really satisfied with the product and advise their family and friends. I use it as a work tool and it helps me improve the aesthetic treatments that I perform at the center.


My name is Fina Palmer, I am a Loli Alfaro customer and I have been using 180 The Concept for about two years on a regular basis. Since I started taking it, I reduced my weight, body volume, improved my circulation and fluid retention. I have used different formulas in this time and with each of them and their corresponding nutricosmetic treatments I have improved a lot, I feel better, and where I have also noticed a great difference has been in the skin, it is hydrated on the inside and they notice it on the outside.


I have experienced a very important change in the way I see day to day, with much more enthusiasm, with a more positive attitude and with an increase in vitality. The skin feels brighter. Circulation and cellulite have improved. I sleep much better, and I face the day much more animated.


I am going through the fourth month of the six months of anti-aging treatment with 180 the Concept, and I can only say wonderful things.

My dark circles and bags are less than half, I feel slimmer, I sleep and rest as for a long time, I sit down and they tell me that I am very pretty (What have you done? Is the question I hear the most lately …) . My opinion is excellent and I am very satisfied with the treatment in general.


Specifically, in one of our satisfied clients I have noticed a radical improvement in his wellness treatment. He was low in spirits and had no motivation whatsoever, he has been taking 180 the concept for 9 months and is really delighted, he has changed his attitude towards life, creating harmony, peace and tranquility. Our clients understand that if they take care of themselves on the inside it really works, an unbalanced diet and bad habits are reflected on the outside, so I always advise them to use 180 the concept to complement their aesthetic treatments. In the body nutricosmetic treatments it has been where I have observed the most improvement, helping me with problems such as fluid retention, weight loss, body sagging, stretch marks …


I think time has stopped in my body. I have noticed very important changes at rest, I sleep much better, I have more energy, noticing much more vitality and I concentrate better. The stress level has decreased significantly and all this is noticeable in the appearance of my skin


I had been looking for someone to offer me how all these internal processes of the body influence beauty and well-being. Now I have realized that Gema has made all that union and has compiled all the information that I want to offer in my center.


After coming to the seminar, we increased our knowledge, we discovered new treatments and techniques. We increase the strength to continue with more security in nurticosmetics 180 the concept.

Unbeatable experience

My experience was unbeatable, I arrived at my Aesthetic Center tired and in no mood to end the day on a Thursday when I had an appointment for a Facial treatment. My beauty coach advised me to start with 180 The Concept after a very comprehensive but easy-to-perform diagnosis.

3 months have passed and the change is radical. I have recovered my usual energy and I am very excited to continue achieving goals.

I don’t leave home without my Nutricosmetics

I don’t leave home without my Nutricosmetics. I see the results in myself, so it is easy to advise my clients who have also seen its effectiveness in me.

As a Certified Center, I continuously participate in training sessions to keep up to date with the latest in Nutricosmetics and Antiaging.

Blanca Delgado. Beauty Blanch from Vigo

In our day-to-day center we are verifying through our clients, the benefits and effectiveness of the nutricosmetica 180 the concept after its continued intake and supervised by our team of professionals. But now, I would like to share a specific case where we have seen it with one of our clients, a 40-year-old man, who recently suffered a motorcycle accident, with a broken pelvis and numerous bruises. His recovery has been absolutely amazing and incredible, with the regeneration and healing of damaged tissues in just 15 days!

After this last experience, without any doubt, we will continue working with this Nutricosmetics firm that has proven its efficacy, safety and reliability.

Raquel Velasco – Africa Aesthetic Medical Center of Burgos

After this year working together the aesthetic treatments of the center with 180 the Concept has been an “extra plus” in the results of our clients.

Both the body slimming and cellulite as in the facials of aging, acne and reactive skin.

The training and knowledge that 180 the concept has given us about how the body works internally, the influence and changes that good nutrition has on it; It has achieved a great change in my lifestyle and I feel that at the center we have risen a step in professionalism.

Xuria Aesthetic of Burlada – Begoña Goñi

180 the concept is the ideal complement for the effectiveness of the treatments in our Center. It has helped us to make a difference with other centers and to retain our clients thanks to the established protocol and the continuous training of the brand.

Victoria de Illescas Clinic

It has been wonderful to start complementing all the aesthetic treatments in my center with the 180 the concept Nutricosmetica. The results have exceeded my expectations. The satisfaction and loyalty of all my clients has been extremely high. The quality of the products is excellent, and I feel fortunate to be able to help, both emotionally and physically, to achieve all the results thanks to the incorporation of 180 the concept in my center.

Marta García

We love the results of the best Nutricosmetics of the year (what they do is what they say !!!) combined with our cabin protocols. Without them the results would not be the same !!! Not a single unsatisfied customer !! Thank you for letting us work with you every day!