Well-Being and Tranquility for Women

arrugasThe busy rhythm of everyday life is the same for men and women although, perhaps, the obligations society places on one versus the other can be, in a way, a bit different. Nevertheless, considering both men and women are under the same pressure, when facing stress, they require different solutions. In addition, beginning at a certain age women suffer the effects of menopause, meaning taking care of one’s health in this stage will influence the quality of one’s life in the future, and contribute to the prevention of the appearance of associated disorders.

The nutricosmetic formulas in this treatment have been made with women in mind and with the objective of covering the basic needs of the micronutrients the body demands for the proper alternation between cycles of activity and rest/well-being.

Among the nutricosmetic formulas of the treatment formed by E3 + E4 + H1 we find magnesium citrate, a powerful, natural tranquilizer that performs many functions within the body giving as a direct result a relaxing effect, while helping to maintain an optimal balance of energy. Because of its properties, it’s a precursor to sleep.

The nutricosmetic formulas of these products have active ingredients and C, E and B-group vitamins, with an antioxidant effect that helps to bring balance to the body in a natural way and intervene in the production of collagen and natural elastin, fighting the effects of ageing. During the day, as a result of digestion, pollution or stress, among other things, our body is submitted to distinct oxidative processes and including free radicals, which are continually causing the premature ageing of cells. Antioxidants act to stop the harmful effects caused by these factors and, therefore, maintain younger, brighter and healthier skin.

To counteract the symptoms brought on by menopause, these nutricosmetic formulas include Dioscorea villosa which in traditional Chinese and American medicine is considered a stimulant of bodily functions and systems, like the female endocrine, related to the reduction of menopausal symptoms.

Another component of these nutricosmetic formulas has as its objective to increase the supply of oxygen, which allows for better oxygenation of tissue and all the natural advantages that come with it, increasing sensations of well-being.

With the combination of these micronutrients and active ingredients the body finds proper balance and prepares to enjoy deep, restorative sleep when bedtime arrives while enjoying more energy and better performance in the carrying out of everyday activities.

Aesthetic and wellness benefits of these 3 nutricosmetic products:

The active ingredients and synergy created in this combination of formulas is perfect for:

  • Better oxygenation of tissue
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Prevention of premature ageing
  • Balance of energy
  • Sensation of well-being
  • Serenity and relaxation
  • Sleep repair
  • Relieves menopausal symptoms
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