What is 180 the Concept nutricosmetics?

Productos de Nutricosmética o Cosmética natural de 180 The Concept

Nutricosmetics 180 The Concept is a range of oral cosmetic products, with active ingredients and natural micronutrients that fulfill a function just like the nutrients in food, and is aimed at treating facial and body aging. It allows to maintain the external beauty from the inside in a natural way.

Nowadays, stress, pollution, unbalanced and untimed meals, produce important deficiencies that we need. This is the cause of most of the aesthetic alterations we suffer, such as acne, cellulite, overweight, circulatory problems, wrinkles or flaccidity.

Nutricosmetics 180 The Concept provides necessary nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids, pre and probiotics and plant extracts, which we have carefully selected in our natural cosmetic products.

Nourishing, regenerating and balancing are the basic objectives of intelligent nutricosmetics.

History of Nutricosmetics

Since the birth of medicine in Hippocrates’ Greece, nutritional balance has been considered key to maintaining a good state of health. From this philosophy we have inherited slogans such as “we are what we eat” or “let food be your medicine”.

But it has not been until recently that the focus has been placed on nutrients as the origin of several health and aesthetic conditions.

In the 1980s in the United States a term was coined that would be the origin of what would later emerge as nutricosmetics, Nutraceuticals. The term nutraceutical is the fusion of the words nutrition and pharmaceutical, coined by the American doctor Stephen de Felice, head of the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine in New York.

Nutraceuticals were defined as those food substances that when administered in certain doses could achieve medical and health benefits, including the prevention of certain diseases. At the origin of their definition, nutraceuticals were both supplements and complete diets.

In this process they were able to see how nutrients affected in a tangible way the beauty of our skin, hair, nails and even the way fat accumulates in the body. A revolution was born in the world of beauty, the care of the external appearance from the inside of the organism.

If we add to this that the generation of the so-called “Baby Boom” has assumed the maxims of trying to prolong youth, a lifestyle begins where all possible means are investigated and established to preserve that youth.

But the other side is that despite so much progress and with the current lifestyle there is an increase in diseases such as obesity, diabetes, various skin disorders, allergies, etc.. Problems such as these have to be treated in a global way. Many times they are a consequence of bad habits and on other occasions of deficiencies inherent to age. But there is a determining factor that has finally been given the necessary relevance: nutrition.

Acquiring adequate nutritional habits is the key to a healthy life, where external beauty is enhanced together with well-being.

180 The Concept is aware of how nutritional improvement through natural oral cosmetics can slow down aging. Understanding why we age to be able to act against these causes thanks to nutricosmetics.

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